Saturday, January 28, 2012

Keep Calm and Macaron

We dropped off a few rolls of film to be developed last weekend and when I got back this roll, I was surprised to find pictures that spanned from August to December! It seems that the fall was such a busy time for me that I couldn't even get through a roll of film before the end of 2011. But, things seem a little calmer now, and with the motivation of the new Film26 project that I am trying out this year, I hope to be getting through a lot more film and posting a lot more frequently here.

These photos were taken last summer when a post I wrote about the macarons at La Duree in Paris, sparked a conversation between some friends about finding the best macarons in Vancouver. Thus beginning the "Great Vancouver Macaron Crawl". My friend Michelle took some beautiful digital photos and wrote about it on her blog here.
Since this outing, we have actually added two more places to our list of places to try and will soon organize another Macaron Crawl. Any suggestions for places to add to the list?

The Urban Tea Merchant - Best Overall Macarons & Most Expensive

Thierry's - Not even a contender

Thierry's - skip the macarons here, and head straight for the croissants, very tasty indeed!

Ganache Bakery - Most dissapointing overall
 We also tried Chopain on Davie, and must have had day old macarons because they were awful! We actually threw one of them out! I have heard though, that their fresh macarons are a little better.

Thomas Haas - Best Bang for your Buck: tasty but not as expensive as The Urban Tea Merhant

My beautiful and always hilarious "dessert companions" - Michelle & Sarah
All photos taken with my Pentax K1000 and Fujifilm RHPIII (which we picked as part of a whole bundle of film at a garage sale and is apparently a slide film. Despite having to send it away to be developped and paying a little more, I have to say the colour is actually very impressive!)

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