Monday, January 2, 2012

Here's looking at you Pup

Jeffrey and I love animals. Dogs and cats in particular. It kills us that we can't actually have a pet of our own (Jeffrey is allergic to cats, and our rental suite doesn't allow dogs). We make due by visiting with animals of our friends and family, and also by meeting random dogs on the street. It is not unusual for our conversations to be interupted by one of us calling out "Puppy!" as one walks by. I have even been known to sneak a pet in, if they walk close enough. Someday, we will have one of our own... for now here are a few furry friends we have made along the way.

Fish-eye Friday - Look at me! I'm so freakin' cute!

Chopper - a.k.a The Big Bad Wolf (What? Doesn't he look it?)
(Michelle usually doesn't wear a napkin in her shirt, it was for a game we were playing - sorry Michelle)

Adorable Hobbit - *snortle*

Fish-eye Hobbit - Who you lookin' at?
Chief - all tuckered out

Cessna - always ready to play

Bubba & Jeffrey - full on BFF's now

Buddy (or maybe Frankie?) - These two siblings look so alike!

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