Monday, January 2, 2012

WAW - "Smiles" and "Friends & Family"

The holidays were the perfect time to catch up and complete two more Weekly Assignments - "Smiles" and "Friends & Family" because our vacation to Alberta was filled with both of these things. I think one of the best parts of our trip was seeing our 3 nieces, and 2 of our pseudo-nieces (daughters of close friends) who we never get to see often enough. They are all starting to get so big, and we had so much fun being able to interact and play with them all a bit more than in the past. They really know who we are now, and their love for us (despite the distance) just breaks my heart.

Pseudo-niece Aine - Not in frame: Jeffrey giving the best pony rides, causing smiles and giggles galore

Jeffrey and Amalie in "The best fort ever!"

Makenna & Amalie peeking through the "window" in the fort - Our two sides of the family collide :)

Cayleigh with her biggest smile for Auntie Melly

This is also Jeffrey & I's first Christmas as a married couple. And though it wasn't really any different than previous Christmases, being surrounded by both of our families really highlighted the fact that this is now officially "our family"... for better or for worse. And so far... it is all for the better.

Jeffrey loves my Momma & Papa! - sometimes I think they would pick him over me given the choice ;p
Jeffrey has the best smiles!

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