Monday, January 2, 2012

WAW - "By Request: Something Humerous"

With a new year comes a new photo project, and this year is all about film! I am starting the Film26 project and I am super excited. More on that to come... but before I leave my Wonderful Weekly Assignment group, I had just a few more assignments that I wanted to try to complete.
One of those is my "By Request list" from way back in the summer months.
Here is the list of requests I received -
- something broken
- something humerous
- zoom-out photos
- favourite things I use everyday
- insect battle royale
- shoes or cocktails or jewelry
- my dad giving my husband a noogie
The linked items are completed, and this post is to fulfill the "something humerous" request. Because my nieces are freakin' hilarious! I love these photos of them making silly faces in the bath.

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