Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Vivre la France, Vivre les macarons!

We finally got our film photos back from the honeymoon and I am so thrilled! There was a bit of tension there for awhile as we debated where to take the rolls to be developed since our usual place closed down (I think I'll save that whole story for another post).
We had a total of 7 rolls between the 2 of us (3 were mine, 4 were Jeffrey's - though to be honest, I shot only with my Olympus Pen F half-frame, so my 3 rolls were really more like 6. Boo-ya!). But when you have this many rolls of film, how do you decide where to begin posting?
Well, a recent, enthusiastic discussion about macarons by a few of my friends inspired me to start there... At La Duree a.k.a amazing patisseries on the Champs Elysees. La Duree's windows of macarons not only make one's mouth water, but also make a photographer's eye salivate (if that were possible).
While I was in Paris, I decided to try to shoot some black & white film (for the first time!), which was perfect for capturing the old architecture, etc. but I wasn't sure how it would fair on the colours of La Duree. Well, I am actually very pleasantly surprised!

As a comparison, here are a few of the shots I took on the digital camera in colour. I really do still prefer the texture and depth of film.
Don't get me wrong, we got some great digital shots, and I am so happy that we have it as an option.
Film just holds a special place in my heart... like that old friend from high school that you don't necessarily keep in touch with anymore, but always makes you smile when you think of them.

As a side note, said friends and I are going to take on a macaron challenge and find the best macarons in the city. Do you have any suggestions for great places to buy macarons?

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  1. Try Boulangerie Cho Pain on Davie Street, between Bute and Thurlow.