Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Don't Blink!

Blink and you're dead! Ok, you may only get that if you are a Dr. Who nerd-fan like me, but trust me if you ever watch that episode, you will never look at statues the same ever again!

I loved taking photos of the stone statues and figures during our honeymoon in France. I especially loved the idea of photographing them in black & white which is new to me. I am actually really happy with some of the results... and yes, still a little creeped out, but happy none the less.

Olympus Pen F - Kodak BW400CN for black & white prints (but developed as colour film)

I would like to thank Suzie of Black-eyed Angel, Elisabelle of On My Way, and Nichole of Little Brown Pen for the suggestions of places to visit and photograph while in France (check them out, their photos are absolutely delicious!). The blogging community can be a wonderful thing :)

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