Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring Forward

I just got back 2 rolls of film, both of which were 36 frame rolls, and both of which were taken with my Olympus Pen F half-frame camera. This essentially means approximately 72 photos per roll x 2 rolls = almost 150 photos! It is going to take me awhile to weed through them all, and figure out the best way to post them. Some are from around Vancouver over the last few weeks, and some are from our recent trip to Las Vegas. I also have another 36 roll of black & white from Las Vegas waiting to be developed (also shot on my Olympus). It's like feast or famine for photos around here lately!
At any rate, to get started on posting all these photos and in the hopes that a few lovely spring photos might inspire mother nature to finally bring spring to us, here are a few shots taken in Vancouver a few weeks ago.
I was experimenting with Kodak Portra film, which is slightly pricier than the film I normally buy, but is meant to give more intense colours. So far, I really like the effect... but more on that later.

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