Saturday, March 10, 2012

Kids Matter, Teachers Care

The last few weeks have been really tough as the tension builds in the contract dispute between the B.C. Teacher's Federation and the Liberal Government. It is a difficult time to be a teacher right now as we watch our profession, our fundamental union rights, and the learning conditions of our students being continually eroded by a government who decides that balancing the books is more important than investing in our future generations. We spent 3 days this week on the "sticket line" - leafleting, spreading the word, and hopefully building support for our cause. And although I know that those actions are important in our battle for our rights and our students' rights, it sure did feel good to be back in the classroom for the last 2 days of this week.

I took several pictures during the walk-out and the rallies this week, but haven't yet finished the roll of film. I hope to finish  and develop it this weekend. But in the meantime, I wanted to post some pictures I took back in January of my classroom... to remind myself, what we are fighting for.

Photos taken with my Kodak Retinette IA and Kodak 100 Ultracolor film.

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