Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Education is Essential

I wrote a little while back (here) about the on-going battle between the BC Teacher's Federation and the BC government. This year has been a tough one for teachers, being told that our profession, our working conditions and our constitutional rights are just not important; this in a profession where we spend our entire day (and often nights and weekends) putting others first - it takes it's toll. I have honestly felt like I have been taking a bit of a beating all year long. We know that education is essential to the development of a future society that is actively involved in shaping it's own environment for the good. Without adequate education - in whatever form it needs, a society is nothing. I know that teachers are fighting the good fight - for the betterment of our students and our future.

I submitted a few of these photos to the Film26 project for the letter "E". Here is what I said in the description: "E is for Education. I'm a teacher in B.C., Canada and right now our union and our union members are going through a very ugly battle with our provincial government for a new contract. There is so much mudslinging and bullying tactics going on right now, that I wanted to capture the beauty of a group of people coming together for one important cause - the education of our children. That's what we are fighting for."

I will also add that I have an amazing group of teachers that I work with, who have made the struggle of a "contract year" a lot more bearable - always there to listen, to commiserate or to make me laugh. I also do not know how I would have made it through this year without my fantastic staff rep partner - always willing to take a punch with me, and keep on going. She truly is an outstanding woman.

Submitted to Film26 Project - Letter "E"

A co-worker's kids show support! Thanks guys!

Submitted to Film26 Project - Letter "E"

Submitted to Film26 Project - Letter "E"

All photos taken with Olympus Pen F, Kodak Portra Film.

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