Sunday, March 25, 2012

Macaron it again, Sam.

So just a little while back I finally posted some pictures of the Great Macaron Crawl that happened last summer. Well this whole Film26 Project is clearly doing it's job at getting me out and shooting more film because I already have the photos back from the Great Macaron Crawl - Part Deux (Special Birthday Edition), which took place only a few weeks ago. I could go into all sorts of detail about the rating and results of the outing, but one of our fellow macaron accomplices Michelle, does such a great job of it here on her blog that I feel like it has all been said already. So I will just let my photos do the talking instead.

My new favourite - located just blocks from my house... uh-oh!

The Beautiful Birthday Girls and Macaron Accomplices - Michelle & Sarah!
At the rate that this whole macaron trend is catching on, we'll be ready for a third crawl by summer time! For the record, we were totally ahead of the trend on this one ;) Thanks for a lovely day girls.

All photos taken with my Olympus Pen F and Fuji Colour 200 film.

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