Sunday, February 5, 2012

Lingering remnants of Christmas

I am a firm believer that holidays should have a set start and end time. Christmas should last for the month of December and that is it. It should not start in November and end in March. Sticking to shorter holiday times makes them feel more special and exciting. Christmas lights, even in February just look sad. They lose that warm and cheerful feeling that they give in those magical few weeks leading up to Christmas.

That being said, I have a few Christmas themed pictures that need to be posted before it gets too far away. And doesn't it already seem like the holidays happened a lifetime ago? January was possibly the longest month ever!

What are your thoughts about Christmas decorations? What is your prefered dates for set-up and take down?

Though it doesn't look like it, these Christmas balls were actually the size of my head!

Christmas lights on the bare, snowless trees of Vancouver always look funny to me

I always think Christmas decorations in the day time look kind of sad, they lose their magic.
All photos taken with my Pentax K1000 and Fujifilm RHPIII (color slide film)

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  1. I heartily agree with you about limiting it to December. Then the 1st and 31st become as much a part of the ritual as the other special days in between.

    I do make an exception for strings of white lights, which can be used at Christmas but also throughout the the year for decorative purposes, especially since they give a "candle-lit" atmosphere without the hazard of actual candles. Coloured strings, however, are definitely for celebrations.

    (Shamefully, I have two Christmas figures sitting on my dresser, not as "decorations" but because they're new this year, fragile, and I haven't found appropriately-sized boxes for safe storage. I think that's just called "laziness". I'll take the hint.)

    And I *am* amazed that those ornaments are actually so large, because in the photos they really don't look it! (Sneaky self-portait there, eh?)