Monday, February 28, 2011

Vancouver Public Library

I don't know anyone who has ever visited the Vancouver Public Library and not left in awe. The architecture is unique and impressive, yet not overly "in your face". When you stand in the atrium you can't help but look up and around. The design draws you in and makes you feel so small and yet so safe at the same time. I can't walk through there with a camera in my hand and not take at least one picture.
If you you haven't been... go, it is worth the trip.
All photos taken with my Pentax K1000, but on various photo adventures.


  1. My favourite-ist modern building in the whole of Vancouver. So very pretty. I love that first shot! With it framed all alone there, you can almost image it as the centre of a science-fiction-y city full of similar futuristic buildings...

  2. More great pix!!!!! You have a great eye!!!!! meg :)