Sunday, February 13, 2011

"Tag me on Facebook!"

I am still super self conscious about taking photos of strangers. Sometimes I am brave enough if it is a large enough crowd of people, or if I can somehow shoot their reflection in something else so that they don't see me pointing my camera directly at them. I think once I get faster at focusing I may be more brave, cause then I can be all stealthy-like without them noticing. But, on this sunny Sunday afternoon, the way the late afternoon light was hitting this guy on the fire escape was just too much to pass up! Unfortunately I wasn't able to capture the warm glow of the light (note to self - learn more about light composition), but I still do like the imagery.
And of course this guy did notice both me an my fiancée taking photos of him, so he called down to us "Just be sure to tag me on Facebook!" Well cool, arty-looking guy... if I knew who you were and if I actually put these photos on Facebook, then I would definitely tag you. My apologies, but thank you for being so chill about us photographing you (though he does look like the type of guy that is pretty chill about anything).
All photos taken with my Pentax K1000.


  1. I love the closer view of your first shot. The contrast of dark building, light sky is cool.

    I'm also going to admit that I may have ordered this: Not so that I can be super creepy or anything, but it is nice to be able to take candid shots of friends (or random candids of strangers I will probably never meet face to face). Now that I'm admitting this to you - please note that I am a polite picture poster/tagger. My general rule is the the picture should be mainly flattering if I'm to post it. Or hilarious.

  2. That lens is wicked awesome! I am totally thinking about getting it now too! Thanks for the tip ;)