Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Visitors

After the hectic move at the beginning of the summer, we were very lucky to have one of my very best friends and her lovely husband come to visit us all the way from Montreal. It was such a great time and I was super sad to see them leave... fortunately we had a week long vacation to Montreal planned just a few weeks later (more on that later).

Jeffrey looked as handsome as ever

We ate and talked and ate and talked...
*I swear we were having an interesting conversation and those are looks of intent listening and not sheer boredom. Also to their defense I was trying just to get a shot of the epic "Canadian Stand Off" on that Charcuterie platter (when no one will take the last bit of food on a plate for fear of being impolite) but couldn't get focused closer up - they had no idea they were in the picture.
Jeffrey climed into a giant tree

We rode tandem bikes around the seawall (random lady posed in the background)

We enjoyed the beautiful Vancouver coast

Took pictures of birds sitting on a mermaid's head

Rode under the Lion's Gate bridge

Took lots of photos - tourist style

Took a break on the beach
 *Doesn't this look like a postcard from the 70's or something? I love the grainy texture I get on my Canonet sometimes.

And Jeffrey still looked handsome.
It was a great visit full of laughter, wine, bbqs and great conversation. If only they could live here all the time.

All photos taken with my Canonet 28 and Kodak Max 400 colour film.

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