Saturday, July 28, 2012

O is for Optical Illusion & Overlooking

I have been lazy about writing posts lately. I thought on summer holidays I would get so many posts done... ones that I have been thinking about for weeks... but alas, no. I have been busy doing other things, out in the sunshine, not in front of the computer. In this city of rain, you learn to get out and enjoy the sunshine while you can... the computer will be there when the sun eventually goes away again.

One of the benefits to this blog of having all this sun is that I have been getting out and taking tons of photos! I have two brand new rolls that I am super excited about! New photos just in time for the letter 'O' in the Film 26 Project.

O is for...

Optical Illusion & Olympus Pen

There was a small rectangular mirror hanging in a tree that I passed - pressumably as a decoration, I wanted to try to get a photo of my reflection in the mirror; this is what I captured. It looks almost like 2 photos cut & pasted together doesn't it?

Overlooking or On Duty

All photos taken with my Olympus Pen F and Kodak Max 400 Film

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