Saturday, April 28, 2012

H is for Hamburger & Harbour

So apparently I am a little behind on my Film26 project submissions. For those of you following along, this should come as no surprise since I seem to fall behind on my photography homework a lot! The weeks just seem to pass so quickly, and before I know it, the next letter is up!

Here are my (late) submissions for the letter H.

H is for Hamburger
 Photo taken with Olympus Pen F & Fuji Color Superia Film.

H is for Harbour
Taken with Olympus Pen F, Kodak Portra Film.

Because I was late submitting, and because the group has now limited submissions to 2 per week (I never submitted more than 3 anyway), I had to choose a little more stringently. Here are a few 'H' photos that didn't make the cut.

H is for Hamburger - can you spot my Dad in the background?? hehehe

H is for Handsome - North Vancouver

H is for Hogs & Hefers - Las Vegas

H is for Horse - Las Vegas

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