Wednesday, July 20, 2011

WAW #17 & #18 - Diagonal Lines & Horizontal Lines

Planning a wedding and honeymoon is a big job. I say this, because I thought for some reason that I would be immune to the overwhelmed-feeling that you always hear brides-to-be talking about. I thought that because we are staying casual about the whole thing, and because we had such a long engagement, and because I have the whole 2 weeks off before the wedding & honeymoon, that I wouldn't feel the pinch. The fact is, I was wrong.
It's not that I am stressed, there is just a lot of things to do, and when you are trying to save a few pennies by doing things yourself, that to-do list can seem never ending.
But, the good news is that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and I have found a few minutes to try to keep up on my weekly assignments. The bad news is that I am not really happy with what I ended up with. The assignment to capture diagonal & horizontal lines seemed like it would be fun because it would encourage me to go out and look at things I might not normally notice. Or to look at them in a different way. So when I grabbed the digital camera on one of our recent "wedding errand" outings, I thought that it would give me a nice distraction... something different to focus on, and maybe remind me to slow down and just enjoy the afternoon.
Well, it did to some degree... but my heart just wasn't into playing with the composition or settings. I just tried to capture things that I saw in, quite frankly, a half-assed kind of way. This morning when I looked through them, I was disappointed and started to search around my house for things to take pictures of. I don't know if this second attempt was any better. But here are the results, less than inspirational, but completed none the less. (gee, I really know how to sell my work don't I?) ;)

Diagonal Lines

Horizontal Lines

Next week's assignment is "Negative Space". I'm going to try my best... but no promises.

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