Monday, July 18, 2011

Kids, Canada, Crowds & Courage

Although I technically completed my Weekly Assignment on "Kids", the experience left me thinking (and feeling slightly more courageous). As I mentioned in my previous post, crowds seemed to be the key to getting shots of kids without looking like a creeper, kind of like camouflage.
Well, when we went to Victoria for the Canada Day long weekend, I was provided with many crowds for camouflage and it seemed like a whole lot of courage... even out of crowds! Maybe it was because I was in a different city than my own? Or maybe I am just "getting over it"? Anyway, here are some of the results.

The Canada Day celebrations on the lawns of the Parliament Buildings in Victoria provided the perfect camouflage for capturing strangers. I have to say though, with the size of the lens on my Pentax K1000, I am anything but subtle when I point it in any given person's direction (they sense it almost immediately!). But, a bonus with that size of lens... really good zoom! I never would have been able to capture these shots with a shorter lens or with my Olympus prime lens.

 Focusing on moving kids is especially difficult!

Sneak hug attack!

Kids weren't the only ones I was able to capture at the celebrations!

The next day during a walk along the ocean, my courage just kept right up with me. I managed a few sneak shots outside of crowds. Jeffrey kept commenting on how "brave" I was.
** As a side note, the black shadow on the left side of some of the images I have recently figured out it is the shutter. When I have it set to highspeeds (1000 for example) it doesn't seem to open & close quickly enough, and leaves this shadow on some pictures. It has "ruined" some shots, but has added an interesting visual to others. I'll have to look into getting it fixed eventually.

This one took me a long time to muster up the courage, but it was just too good to let pass. Totally worth it.


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