Friday, July 8, 2011

WAW #15 & 16 - Children and Black & White

So I haven't been very good at keeping up with my weekly assignments and so I decided to try to kill two birds with one stone (or rather two assignments with one picture).
The assignment to photograph children has been a challenge for me because though I work with kids all day, I don't feel comfortable putting pictures of them up on my personal blog. And in the rest of my life, I only have a few friends and family members that actually have children. I was tempted to post some more pictures of my nieces from Easter, but thought that I should really use this assignment to push myself (which is the whole point of doing them!).
Luckily, the perfect situation presented itself when I took my class to Stanley Park for a year end celebration. I was obviously not the only teacher to have the same idea and the park was packed with kids! As a teacher taking pictures, I no longer risked being seen as a creeper. There were so many parents and teachers there that everyone just assumed I was taking pictures of my kids. A wonderful guise!

Part way through my picture taking, I decided to switch over to black & white (a perk of digital over film) to  play around with assignment #16 - Black & White. I find black & white tricky because I think to really get the full effect the lighting has to be right. I find too many black & white pictures just look like colour pictures without their colour. I know, I know... that's what black & white is... but it is just that sometimes they are missing a quality that makes them look like they should be in black & white, like that was the perfect medium for them. I don't know if I captured that, but since it is my first time, I am cutting myself some slack.

The last one is my favourite.
~ M

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