Monday, April 25, 2011

WAW #7 - Liquid

I am really, really behind on posting. Between a week without internet and a lovely long weekend out of town with the family, I'm afraid that I have been neglecting my blogging duties (but at least I am still posting, which is more than I can say for my fiancĂ©e).

So, without further ado: Weekly Assignment #7 - "Liquid". When we first got this assignment I immediately thought of my H2O-Oh-oh-oh post from a little while back. I have noticed in the past that I do have an affinity for taking photos of water - in whatever form I can find it. So, I had to remind myself to use this assignment to teach me something new about either photography in general or about my digital camera, not just to take more pictures of fountains or lakes or ponds.

One thing that I really enjoy about my digital camera (as compared to my film cameras) is the ability to take a ton of shots and just play with all the settings to try things out! This is why my Liquid assignment turned into me sitting in The Wallflower Modern Diner (delicious and totally affordable by the way, you should really go) snapping photo after photo of... wait for it... my water glass! I know I am such a nerd. Which, by the way, is exactly what Jeffrey said to the waitress when she tried to drop off our food but didn't want to interrupt my intense photography session. Luckily, The Wallflower is "nerd-friendly" (her words, not mine) ;) Here are the results:

I also had the chance to play around with my friend Michelle's wide-angle/macro lens and came up with this liquid shot.

And though I didn't take this photo for or submit it to our assignment group, it happened to fulfill two assignments - Liquid & Bokeh! More bubbles to come soon. :)

Next Weekly Assignment - Sports. This one should be tough...

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