Sunday, November 14, 2010

Perfect Perfection

In my life, I have always been drawn to things that stand out, that are different, that "add character". I remember when I was a kid, there was a girl in my dance classes who had a very unique nose. While everyone else was making fun of it, I remember (even then), admiring it. I loved how different it was, how it looked like no one else's nose. It's the same with the type of men that I am attracted to... most would say that I have no clear "type" because I have dated (what seems like) everything under the rainbow; but actually, "my type" is men who have some character to their face... some "imperfection" that makes them unique. I especially hate those Gap ads about getting "Everyone in Cords" or "Everyone in Khaki"... I always think: "Why on earth would I spend that much money to look like everyone else??"

But there is a chink in my armour, an Achilles heel, a soft spot... it is my affinity for teeny, tiny, perfectly round berries! Especially if there is a bunch of them all clustered together, looking exactly like one another, no one standing out from the others. I just can't resist snapping a picture of those little spheres of perfect perfection.
Here, just a few of my favourite berry shots (just a few, trust me, there are more!)

Olympus Pen-f Shots

Pentax K1000 shots

This last shot is one of my absolute favourite photos


  1. These are beautiful!!! I love the colour and texture of the last shot!!

  2. Thank you!!
    I know, it is one of those shots where I look at it and think "really? I took that? Cool!" I am excited to get to the point where I think that about all my pictures ;)

  3. Thank you so much Aron. I popped over to your site and loved the photos! Especially those from Stump Town and also of the macarons (pistachio is my go-to flavour as well) :)