Sunday, November 18, 2012

W is for Wide-eyed & watching, Windstorm and Worship

Only 3 letters left!! That means there is only 6 weeks left of 2012! Can you believe it? Things are ramping up here as we near the end of the first term of the school year (both at work and in my masters) which means paper writing, readings, plenty of marking and the dreaded report cards.

Still I am trying to get out to shoot some film because I feel like I have exhausted the 10 rolls that I took back in the summer. I knew that the fall would be busy so I tried to overshoot in the summer to give me lots to work with when things got crazy. I just finished a roll and though I usually wait until I have a few finished before I develop them (it saves on the cost), I might just go ahead and get it developed so I have something fresh for the next few letters.

At any rate - here are my entries for W.

W is for...

Wide-eyed and watching
 Portland, Oregon
Taken with my Olympus Pen F and Ilford Pro 3200 film.

 Family Vacation - Okanagan Lake
Taken with my Olympus Pen F and Ilford Pro 3200 film.

I was so disappointed when I came across this church and had black & white film loaded because the statue on the top was gold and was shining in the sunshine like it was glowing! I decided to snap away anyway in the hopes that at least some of the light would still show up in black and white. The result isn't nearly as impressive as it was in real life.
Montreal, Quebec
Taken with my Olympus Pen F and Ilford HP5 Plus 400 film.

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