Monday, November 12, 2012

Van Dusen Gardens

The sun returned here on the West Coast for a few brief days and the fall colours were still vibrant! With a 3 day weekend ahead of us, Jeffrey I decided to take advantage of the weather and head out to Van Dusen gardens.
Back in September when Jeffrey's parents were visiting, we took them around this beautiful garden oasis in the middle of the city. Since it isn't far from our home, we thought we should buy a membership so we could visit as much as we wanted! It has totally been worth it so far.
The pictures I took on this weekend's visit were all on film, so it will be awhile before I get them back, but it reminded me that I had a bunch of digital photos that I took from our visit with the in-laws. And I thought I should post some of them. It really is a gorgeous place.

How rude!

Oh my, that's a lot of bull!

The Helms at the top of Queen Elizabeth Park
 These are actually taken at the gardens in Queen Elizabeth Park, but the flowers there were equally gorgeous.

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