Sunday, October 14, 2012

U is for Uninhibited, Unaware & Urban Decay

We are starting to get into the tough letters now for the Film26 Project. In the next few weeks... U, V, W, X, Y & Z !?! Awww man, I better get those creative juices flowing!

U is for...

Uninhibited - the greatest gift of childhood
 Taken with my Olympus Pen F and Ilford Pro 3200 film.

Unaware - of the jealous, roasting adults sitting on the sidelines wishing they could follow these kids' lead
Taken with my Pentax K1000 and Fuji Superia 400 film.

Urban Decay - normally Jeffrey's specialty. Old grain factory & silos in Old Montreal
 Taken with my Olympus Pen F and Ilford HP5 Plus 400 film.

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