Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Orpheum Theatre

This summer, my friend Mandy and I took a walking tour of the Orpheum Theatre here in Vancouver. The Orpheum has always been one of my favourite theatres in Vancouver... I even briefly considered getting married there (just in a whimsical day dream once). Every time I go there, I feel like I am transported back into a different time where the theatre was a place of elegance and imagination.
Though the tour broke down much of the mystique around the theatre itself, and revealed that in fact, it isn't quite as regal as it would make itself out to be, I still love it - because the theatre, after all, is about make believe, and the Orpheum still makes me believe.

The grandiose ceiling mural and chandelier in the main theatre

The view from the other side of that ceiling...
 It is basically a plaster dome that is suspended from the roof. This view is from above the ceiling, looking down through one of the hidden light holes. You can see the theatre seats below.
The mural also wasn't actually painted in the theatre itself. It was painted on a canvas, then applied to the ceiling afterward.

Wall sconce and lattice which hides acoustic paneling

Looking down towards the stage
In the lobby - chandeliers and detailing everywhere (detailing which is painted plaster)

Chandelier and gold painted detailed ceiling

The view from the stage - Probably the only time I will get this view of the Orpheum!

See those black circles on the mural? - those are the light holes from which I took the other picture

Well Orpheum - despite the plaster, and mish-mash of architectural eras, you still remain a grandiose and beautiful theatre in my eyes. I am so happy that Vancouver saved you.

All photos taken with my Olympus Pen F and Ilford Pro 3200 ISO film.

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