Saturday, June 30, 2012

What is right in the world - Part 2

 Last week, I started a series of posts entitled - "What is right in the world". Last week's post featured pictures of babies (babies that are not mine - which for the moment is just perfect for me).

Here is part 2 of 3: What is right in the world: Puppies!
(Puppies that are also not mine, which is NOT entirely perfect for me right now, but since we have so many loving and adorable puppy friends in our lives, it is alright. We'll have one of our own someday).

The ever adorable Friday
Taken with my Pentax K1000 & Kodak Max 400 colour film.

Playful and loving Mariana

She is the gentle giant

An adorable pug we came across in the park - doesn't he look so serious?

Taken with my Canonet 28 & Kodak Max 400 colour film.

My buddy Chopper

My first attempts with the Impossible Film Project - Taken with our Polaroid Sun 660

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