Saturday, May 21, 2011

WAW #10 & #11 People & Patterns

Like a very bad student, I have been falling behind on my Weekly Assignments. It isn't mandatory to actually complete all the assignments (my friend Michelle is the one organizing this whole thing and keeping us all on track... but she's little, I think maybe I could take her), but I am still determined to complete them all. Namely because I will feel vastly inferior to the very talented and very dedicated Michelle whom I admire so much if I don't... but also because I know that if I start to let myself slip, it will be the end (I'm an all-or-nothing kind of gal in that way). So I am pushing through with the knowledge that I will be very satisfied with myself and all the things that I have learned if I do.

I cheated a little on Weekly Assignment #10 - "People" (shhh... don't tell) because the assignment was given just after I had been visiting my family and I had spent a whole weekend snapping pictures of them. Every time I visit my nieces I am focused on trying to take better pictures of people, so it is like I was doing the assignment before it was even given. So, I think this counts.
I posted a bunch of pictures of my nieces playing with bubbles here. Here are a few more to count as my "people shots".

Capturing just one look can tell an entire story!

Kids with food on their faces are universally adorable!

I just want to eat her up!

For Weekly Assignment #11 - "Patterns", I had the pleasure of exploring with Michelle at the Burnaby Village Museum while we were there with some of our students for a History Fair (I know, sounds super rad right?). It was a wonderful day where the kids learned lots about our Canadian History (not an easy feat when we are so bombarded by U.S. media and literature all the time), and we got the chance to explore and take pictures.
I learned 2 very important things about myself and my digital camera:
#1 - I really suck at manually focusing my digital camera. #2 - My digital photos are super BORING! I took over 100 pictures that day, by the time I weeded out all the blurry, out of focus or poorly lit ones, I had about 50. Out of those 50, I'd say maybe 25 have any real interest to them. But hey, it's all about the learning right?
Here are a few that actually turned out and that met the criteria for "pattern pictures".

Pretty Patterns

Repetitive Patterns

All WAW photos taken with Digital-SLR Canon Rebel XS
~ M

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  1. I may be little, but I'm also a little bit nuts. :D

    I find it interesting that even though we took pictures together (and sometimes from very similar perspectives) that the feel of your pictures and mine are quite different!