Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lost that lovin' feeling

I am behind on my weekly assignments, I have been seriously neglecting posting my film photos,  I have two rolls worth of film pics that were developed weeks ago who have not received any attention, and my flickr account activity is zilch. Either I am falling into a rut with my photography hobby, or I have simply taken on too much. I am not sure if it is the overwhelming amount of digital photos I have accumulated lately (and my dissatisfaction with them), or a general lapse in interest in photography, or just too many things on my plate right now... but I am hoping it is a passing phase. I want to fall back in love with not just taking photos, but wanting to share them, discuss them, ogle them ;)
Well, I guess admitting that I have a problem is the first step... now to find a solution.

Solution #1 - Share some of those beautiful old film photos that I have been keeping all to myself. Here are a few reasons why I love my Olympus Pen F and my film cameras.
~ M

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