Thursday, September 8, 2011

WAW - Slow Shutter Speeds

Ok, so I know that the purpose of the Weekly Assignments is to try new things and learn about my camera and photography. But I am falling very far behind and with the beginning of the new school year already in full swing, I fear that my chances of catching up are slim.
So I cheated a bit... but just a little. This week's assignment is "slow shutter speeds" which I have to admit is one of my least favourite things in taking pictures. I rarely have a tripod with me, and I am terribly impatient. So, I was dreading this assignment a little.
Then I saw this post about abstract photos on Photography Blogger - a photo blog that I follow, and it got me thinking... about some pictures that I took in the past. And yes, also some pictures that I could try out in the future.
Last Christmas when my digital camera was new, I was trying to learn about all the different settings and how it all worked. So I was playing with the shutter speeds and experimenting with "fun tricks" I could do with it - a luxury the film cameras don't allow me. These are the shots I got:

"Light Painting" with Christmas Tree Lights

None of these penguins was actually lit at the same time! Sans tripod - not too bad.
Yes, I would still like to play more with low shutter speed and maybe try out some of those abstract photos, but in due time my friends, in due time.

All photos taken with my Digital SLR Canon Rebel XS

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