Thursday, January 13, 2011

Oooh that satisfying click

Since I have been contemplating moving my blog space, I have been holding off on posting, thinking that I would be changing soon and so I might as well just wait until the new blog is set up. Well, I recently got back the roll from my Olympus that I have been trying to finish off since the break, and I am so excited about some of them that I can't wait to post.
When I got back from visiting my family over the winter break, I came back to a Vancouver filled with bright, sunny days and clear, crisp weather. It was time to get back outside and start snapping photos. In a previous post, I shared a few photos taken during those lazy sunny days that were taken with my Canonet 28 and some expired Polaroid brand film.
Well, I have developed the habit of having a few rolls of film on-the-go at the same time in different cameras, and sometimes even venture out armed with more than one of my beloved babies (a heavy habit to carry around for the afternoon, but amazing for learning about my different cameras!). These photos were also taken with expired Polaroid brand film, on the same sunny day, but with my Olympus Pen F instead. The differences in taking photos and in the final results are interesting. My Olympus is so much easier to focus and to adjust and it has such a satisfying click when I take a shot. In this respect, the Canonet pales in comparison to the Olympus. And though the Canonet is unpredictable, from time to time it does turn out a few gems (simply because they are so unique).
Now I usually try not to use photo software, the fact that I am at times using unpredictable films, that I get my photos scanned directly to cd at the local drug store (which takes away any expert colour adjusting in the development process), and that I am still learning, means that from time to time I do like to do a simple "revive colour" with photofiltre. It's like my digital darkroom that gives me a little more control over the creative process. I refrained myself from using any photo software on these (other than cropping them out from their half-frame companions) because I wanted a true comparison between the Olympus and Canonet shots. My own personal library will feature mostly the colour revived versions to compensate for the expired film.
 - it's funny how the thing I loved so much about the expired film on my Canonet is the thing that I feel takes away from the photos on my Olympus.

Also still accepting suggestions for blog space names... cause anything I can possibly think of is already taken - including (just for the fun of it) seriously!

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  1. Nice experiments with depth of file Melanie. TN