Sunday, September 12, 2010

Water, Wind & Sun (Olympus)

What an amazing combination! When a windstorm blew up on a sunny day at our family cabin in the Okanogan, I just couldn't stop myself from continually running outside to try to catch some shots. The best ones are the ones of the lake when the wind was whipping through the water and the sun was sparkling off the surface. Because of the wind, the pictures have good movement, while the contrast of the light (which was both grey and sunny at the same time) really gives the pictures depth, detail and/or contrast.
I was super impressed with how some of these shots turned out. In order to keep each post from getting too long, I'm posting the Olympus & Pentax shots separately. First up - Olympus Pen F shots.

P.S. I got completely soaked after that last photo (remember my Olympus has no zoom... I was actually that close!)

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  1. Great final shot! Totally worth the sacrifice, I'm sure :)